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The Company considers effective communication with Shareholders of the Company (the “Shareholders”) is essential to enable them to have a clear assessment of the Group’s performance as well as accountability of the Board.

The Company maintains a corporate website ( where important corporate information and other relevant financial and non-financial information such as annual reports and interim reports, announcements, notices and circulars and other information are available for review by Shareholders and other stakeholders.

The Company’s annual general meetings and special general meetings provide a useful platform for direct communication between the Board and Shareholders. Separate resolutions are proposed on each substantially separate issue at the general meetings.

In accordance with the Listing Rules, the Company would arrange for the notice to Shareholders to be sent in the case of annual general meetings at least 20 clear business days before the meeting and to be sent at least 10 clear business days before in the case of all other meetings. Under the Bye-laws of the Company, all Shareholders have 21 clear days’ notice of the Annual General Meeting (“AGM”) and Special General Meeting (“SGM”) for the passing of a special resolution, and 14 clear days’ notice of all other general meetings at which the Directors and Committee chairmen or members are available to answer their questions. A representative (usually the engagement partner) of the External Auditors also attends the AGM and will take questions from Shareholders relating their audit of the Company’s financial statements.

Shareholders holding not less than one-twentieth of the total voting rights of those Shareholders having the right to vote at the general meetings may submit a written request to move a resolution at general meetings. The procedures for putting forward proposals at general meetings (including nominating a person for election as a Director) are set out in the Company’s Shareholders’ Communication Policy.

Enquiries may be put to the Board by contacting either the Company Secretary through (852) 2165 3000 or e-mail at or directly by questions at an AGM or SGM. Questions on the procedure for convening or putting forward proposals at an AGM or a SGM may also be put to the Company Secretary at the same means.

Shareholders’ Communication Policy